The right flooring for your house

The right flooring for your house

 With the increasing options in coatings in the market grows the doubt of the consumers when choosing the Tile Flooring to build the house. Experts say that the environment and the type of use must be taken into account.

According to specialists, the most common coatings in the country are ceramic and porcelain. Laminates and other flooring types, such as wood and carpets are more common in Europe and the United States because of the weather. According to the market, people today change their coatings more frequently, especially when it comes to adding style to the rooms with Laminate Flooring.

How often should your flooring be changed?

– Vinyl is changed every five or six years, not out of necessity but out of trend. The ceramic has longer durability, around 10 years.

The ceramic is the most used because it is easy to install and have the most affordable price. Porcelain tiles reproduce brighter stones, but there are matte options. According to the specialist, the main advantage of porcelain tile is its waterproofing treatment.

– Every Laminate Flooring or even Tile Flooring has a degree of absorption close to zero and hinders the appearance of spots. But it is worth remembering that any floor stains, scratches and burns stand out. FInd out more in thsi site :

Comfort and style hand in hand

For those who want a cozier environment, the best option is the wood Laminate Flooring. Another alternative is the vinyl that also does not absorb the temperature and has with main differential the acoustic treatment.

According to the architect sources online, the installation of the vinyl can come out cheaper than other installations, such as Laminate Flooring. But the options do not stop there. There are also Concrete Flooring coatings that are beautiful and fancy at the same time, and that cost way less than most people expect. This type of coating is considered ecological because it does not use ovens and is made by hand.

How to pick up the right flooring for each part of the house

Bedroom and office: For these environments, vinyl or laminate floors are the most recommended. The temperature of the region also influences the choice.

Room: Very frequented environment, the floor must be resistant of easy cleaning. The porcelain tile is the best option. Enamels can be used in homes. In commercial rooms, the ideal is the technical porcelain manufactured with mass in the same color of the product and that causes the wear is not perceived. Laminate Flooring is one of the most common choices for this part of the house.  Click here !

Bathroom and kitchen: Ceramic floor or porcelain Tile Flooring. The tip is to use the natural porcelain tile mainly in the area inside the box. The polished Tile Flooring gets more slippery. This care should be stepped up in homes with children and pets.

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Clear floors give more space to the surroundings. In dark places, dark floors should be avoided.

Laminate Flooring requires maintenance care. With the use of very wet cloth, it can warp (misalign). Wet cloth is ideal.